Mobile applications can be used as a great promotional vehicle and interactive medium. It’s an opportunity to engage, connect and display your brand to the consumers. Innovative-targeted mobile marketing and advertising campaigns provide an effective approach to reach your audience. Your mobile strategy box can include SMS campaign, mobile web, mobile ads, QR codes, Bluetooth, geo-aware apps, interactive games and other types of engaging apps.

SMS Campaigns

SMS Messaging is one of the most familiar forms of mobile marketing. With a text messaging campaign mobile user is directed to send a specific keyword to a 5-6 digital number (known as a short code). This allows the user to opt-in and for the marketing campaign to be initiated.

You Can:
  • Send text messages with promotional information
  • Ask questions and engage
  • Send coupons or discounts
  • Reminders or appointment information

Bluetooth Marketing

Bluetooth advertising is a great method for a high-traffic location to provide mobile coupons, discounts or any type of advertisements to the user. A Bluetooth server is installed at a specific location that scans within 200-300 feet for users carrying Bluetooth-discoverable mobile device. After identifying a user a message is sent to the consumer’s phone with permission to accept. After accepting the message, the user can view mobile content.

Location Based Apps

A promotional app can help people find nearby locations of the venue. An app can sell and display content that is specifically based on the users location.

Interactive Games

An engaging game promotes your product online, in-store or during tradeshows and events.

Mobile Landing Pages

Mobile landing page can encourage product trials, provide information and engage consumers in a new and innovative way. Make your company easier to discover in mobile search engines. Provide important information to consumers.

Jeep developed a custom mobile page that drove consumers to local dealership in the UK.

Digital Checkins

Consumers are asked to visit a retail location and check-in using their mobile phone. Incentives include a discount or a free promotional item. Drive traffic and spread the word about product/location/service.


Mobile E-Commerce applications and websites can provide a quick and convenient way for consumers to purchase or get more information about products. It’s possible to create innovative and very engaging e-commerce applications.

Homeplus Subway Shop in South Korea combined outdoor media with mobile QR codes to create a virtual shop right in the subway. This application combined advertising and action while increasing online sales by 130%.

QR Codes

QR Codes can be placed anywhere from magazines, flyers to even restaurant floors. Calvin Klein Jeans displayed a QR Code Billboard that linked users to their mobile website. Users can connect via Facebook / Twitter and watch a video.