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Apple iPhone and iPad adoption and usage are growing at a very rapid pace. iOS presents great opportunity for marketing to your potential customers. By 2014, mobile internet is predicted to take over desktop internet usage (Source: Microsoft Tag - 2012). Apple revolutionized the mobile and phone industry by offering consumers a simple and easy to use mobile operating environment. This elegant mobile enabled device opened up many opportunities and solutions that businesses are able to take advantage of.

Our Company

At Mobile Developed we are here to help you bring your value-added application or a new interesting game to the market. We are able to offer you a comprehensive solution so that you and your individual clients or business users will be able to take full advantage of everything that iOS has to offer. Our experienced and technically knowledgeable developers will work with you to deliver a world-class application. From strategy to design and development, we are here through every step of the process.

  • Drive Alert
    The DriveAlert mobile app helps vehicle drivers avoid distractions caused by their mobile phone communications and allows them to keep their attention where it needs to be, on the road.
  • SafeText
    SafeText is the most trusted solution for parents to combat Cyberbullying and Sexting by provides a robust toolset that allows parents to monitor phone activities.
  • Online Dashboard
    AmberWatch SafeText mDashboard was developed in HTML5 and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, Android and BlackBerry.
  • Just a few examples

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the possibilities are endless

  • Games
    single player and massive multi-player online games)
  • Enterprise and Business applications
    iPhone and iPad becomes your mobile office where information is instantly available and synced with your database
  • Social Networks
    share, tag and review everything and anything with your friends and online community
  • GPS/Location Based Services
    With GPS your application can be aware of the users location and using that information a whole new market is opened up. From Geo-Tagging to custom coupon delivery to a specific location such things become a reality
  • Content Delivery / Publishing / Notification
    In near-real-time users can be notified of important information and take action
  • Picture / Video Broadcasting
    Watch video or pictures and broadcast them to your friends or within your application
  • Marketing
    Mobile marketing from coupons to SMS campaigns provide a innovative way to reach your customers and to provide reminders

Possibilities for innovative and value-added applications are endless on the iPhone and iPad. Every release of the iOS opens up a new opportunity for better integration and new feature development that can be implemented and taken advantage of.

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