Small and medium sized business owners are always on the lookout for expense reduction and at the same time looking for a way to increase number of orders. Mobile optimized websites and Mobile Apps are experiencing tremendous adoption rate due to increase of client value to and order upsurge for the owner.

 In the digital age that we live in order processing should be simple, convenient and seamless between different mediums of interaction such as over the phone, computer and mobile devices. Depending on the industry and product sold there is psychology of the purchase that provides proven evidence that most items purchased are based on emotion, spontaneity and impulsive buy. Customer and client should have array of tools at hand to effortlessly and efficiently make the purchase there and now.

 Service industry benefits significantly from providing ability to take orders online or provides sales people access to the sales tools on the go. Custom workflow and rules that you already have in place can be implemented online during the full customer order, transaction and interaction model. This will insure that all the necessary checks and balances are in place so that nothing is missed or forgotten. Sales people on the go can have access to customer history, can create orders on the spot and provide estimates via a step by step wizard.

How can adding Mobility to your arsenal of tools help your company?

  • Take orders 24/7, anytime and any day
  • Reduce workload for the sales people
  • Reduce mistakes, errors and typos while setting a specific workflow and rules that work for you business and ensures that nothing is missed
  • Keep client in the loop and constantly updated via Text Messages / Emails / Online Dashboard
  • When you are on the go take orders anywhere and get access to client history instantly

Mobile websites and Mobile Apps can be an extension of your business that provides value for you and your client. If your sell products, provide a service or are a contractor then design and workflow of your needs are maliciously analyzed and integrated into your custom mobile app or custom mobile website.

Your competition might already have an appropriate and precise mobile strategy in place. Contact us to see how we can help you and what we can do for your company.

CEO’s increase profits and reduce expenses with a Mobile Website

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